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Project Manager Salary United States
In nearly all interviews there comes the time in which the interviewer asks that dreaded question "What do you feel this position should pay?'. This question puts you in a hard position because either way you lose money. Lets say that you are interviewing for a role that you believe is for $110,000 but when you state this the interviewer explains that the role is for $100,000 meaning you have effectively lost $10,000 from your perception of what the job was going to pay. In the same way that if you underestimate the pay that the job will be paying and come in with a statement of $90,000 then you will again have lost $10,000 because the person doing the interview can hire you at that rate and you will be happy. The best way to get around this is to say "Let's talk about the role and the responsibilities that come with it so I can get a more accurate idea of what you are needing". This method allows them to give you more information and more time to scope out a more accurate answer.
If they ask "What did you make in your last role?' you can state the differences between both roles indicating that there are different responsibilities and that it would be hard to determine the previous role as a fair example of the salary to expect with this one. An employer would usually stop asking given you've made your position clear and earned their respect.
One should emphasize that the job is the most important aspect of the package in your mind. This shows that you are more role orientated which will score points with the interviewer.
Giving a salary range allows flexibility and creates a situation in which your demands and the employers offer overlap at some point. You can say that positions similar to this one pay in the range of $A to $B in our region. With my experience, I would like to receive something in the range of $A to $B.
When in the interview do not mention financial pressures that you may be under such as debts. Not only does this make it look like you can't budget correctly in your personal life but places more of an emphasis on you getting the job for monetary reasons over the job itself.
This diagram from gives a good indication of the ball park figures that are offered to the different types of Project Manager.
Project Managers Differing Salaries