Question Type: What is...?

 What is “project float”?
 What is a “project milestone”?
 What is a fish bone diagram?
 What is a project baselines?
 What is a project? and what is program?
 What is black box testing and White box testing?
 What is CMMI?
 What is continuous and staged representation?
 What is difference between SITP and UTP in testing?
 What is DMAIC and DMADV?
 What is effort variance?
 What is EVM? how will you use it in managing projects?
 What is important to consider when planning a (your type of project)?
 What is internal change request?
 What is pareto principle?
 What is project charter? What are the elements in a project charter?
 What is project management?
 What is quality management?
 What is risk management and how will you plan risk response?
 What is SIX sigma?
 What is the FP per day in your current company?
 What is the output of scope definition process?
 What is the software you have used for project management?
 What is triple constraint triangle in project management?
 What is V model in testing?