Question Type: What are...?

 What are all the skills you will be looking at if you have to hire a project manager?
 What are function points?
 What are outputs of project closure?
 What are project selection methods?
 What are some things that you would not like your job to include?
 What are the five control components of a project?
 What are the five levels in CMMI?
 What are the methods used for project estimation?
 What are the metrics followed in project management?
 What are the necessary steps to successful project management?
 What are the three constraints on a project?
 What are the various roles in Six Sigma implementation?
 What are things that you have found to be low priority when planning for (your type of project)?
 What are two common but major obstacles for a project like this? What would you do in the face of these obstacles to keep your team on schedule?
 What are two of the biggest problems you've encountered at your job and how did you overcome them?
 What are your career goals? How do you see this job affecting your goals?
 What are your current work plans? Why are you thinking about leaving your present job?
 What are your strengths?
 What are your weaknesses?
 What are project management tools? Mention some of them?
 What are some of your lessons learnt with your previous iteration delivered? How do you use your lessons learnt in your iteration planning?
 What are the documents that you will refer to create the plan?
 What are the induction processes a project manager must plan for team members?
 What are the main attributes to be possessed by a project manager?
 What are the main objects of a project manager?
 What are the practices you follow for project close out? Assume you are into a product customization for a customer and the application has gone live How do you close this project?
 What are the risks you had in your last project?
 What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses in the Project Management areas of knowledge?
 What are your team-player qualities? Give examples.