Question Type: Tell me about...?

 Tell me about a situation where your loyalty was challenged What did you do? Why?
 Tell me about a time when you ran into any difficult situations How did you handle them?
 Tell me about a tough decision you had to make?
 Tell me about special projects or training you have had that would be relevant to this job?
 Tell me about the types of interaction you had with other employees?
 Tell me about your accomplishments?
 Tell me about your verbal and written communication ability How well do you represent yourself to others? What makes you think so?
 Tell me about yourself (To avoid rambling or becoming flustered, plan your answer)?
 Tell me how you would react to a situation where there was more than one way to accomplish the same task, and there were very strong feelings by others on each position?
 Tell me of an accomplishment you are particularly proud of and what it entailed?
 Tell us about a project in which you participated and your role in that project?
 Tell us about a successful project in which you participated and how you contributed to the success of that project?